8mm and 16mm film does not last forever. Get your family movies transferred before its too late. Every frame of your film is watched by a trained technician to make sure the brightness, focus and framing are accurate.

Our professional methods of film transfer minimize the following:
• Flickering
• Hot spot lighting in the center of the image
• Uneven framing around the edges
• Fuzziness in the focus
• Artifacts cause by analogue processes


Our easy listening background music for your silent film can be added for free, or you can add your own music selection to your order with an additional labor charge.

Editing Your Footage at Home

Editing your film at home is as simple as exporting the .mpg file from your DVD into your home computer. Optionally, we can transfer the files (Windows or Mac files) onto a hard drive for your convenience.


To find the price, multiply the total footage of film by the price per foot. Most 8mm film comes in 50 foot reels, about 3 inches in diameter. Other common size reels are 200 feet, 300 feet or 400 feet. Most of these reels will have markings on the spokes of the reels so you can determine how many feet of film that reel contains.

Price Chart

Total Film Footage Price to DVD
Up to 150 feet of film $30.00 Total
150-349 feet 25¢ per foot
350 – 499 feet 20¢ per foot
500 – 1199 feet 17¢ per foot
1200 – 2,999 feet 16¢ per foot
3,000 – 4,499 feet 15¢ per foot
4,500 – 5,999 feet 14¢ per foot
Over 6000 feet Call for Quote
Extra Titles
(The opening title is free)
$3.75 Each
Small Reel Charge $1.50 Each