Movie film won’t last forever! Preserve your movies by having them transferred to high quality .MP4 video files. We utilize a frame-by-frame high-definition capture of your film to give you the highest possible quality. Our professional methods eliminate common problems associated with consumer and discount transfers:

• The flickering or pulsating in the brightness of the movie image.
• The hot spotlighting that appears in the center of the movie image.
• The uneven framing around the edges of the movie image.
• The fuzziness caused by ground glass or mirrors in the light path.

This is NOT an automated process – every second of your film is watched by a trained technician to make sure the brightness, focus and framing are accurate. Under-exposed, over-exposed, and blank film will be cut from the video to keep your memories as professional looking as possible. If you have given us your film in small 50-foot reels, they will be spliced onto a larger reel. Your film will be returned completely unharmed – however our splices are temporary and designed for our machines and not consumer projectors.

Your high-definition files will be given back to you as an .MP4 file on a USB thumb drive. These files are versatile and can be easily played with most media programs or uploaded to cloud services. Many TVs will also play them directly from their USB port.

Music/Sound Film

Our easy listening background music for your silent film can be added for free, or you can add your own music selection to your order with an additional labor charge.

Sound film can be transferred as well, for an additional +50% surcharge.


To find the price, multiply the total footage of film by the price per foot. Most 8mm film comes in 50 foot reels, about 3 inches in diameter. Other common size reels are 200 feet, 300 feet or 400 feet. Most of these reels will have markings on the spokes of the reels so you can determine how many feet of film that reel contains.

Price Chart

Feet of Film To standard .mp4 File on USB Drive
0-149 $ 39.00 Total   + the USB Drive price
150-349 $ 0.35/ft.          + the USB Drive price
350-599 $ 0.30/ft.          + the USB Drive price
600-2599 $ 0.25/ft.          + the USB Drive price
2600-2999 $ 0.23/ft.          + the USB Drive price
3000-4999 $ 0.21/ft.          + the USB Drive price
5000+ $ 0.19/ft.          + the USB Drive price
Sound Orders: +50% Surcharge
Small Reel Charge: $ 1.75 each
Split Orders: $10.00 each
To DVD: $25.00 per disc
Titles: $5.00 each (First title is free)