Transfer slides and photos to JPG format for easy viewing, printing, and preservation. We can also turn your pictures into an animated slideshow.
Slides and photos can be transferred into high quality archival .jpg digital images or onto DVD/CDs as a movie. For the .jpg version, you get high resolution .jpg files of each of your photos, slides or negatives on a USB device. This makes it super easy to transfer onto computers for other family members to have, or upload to online cloud storage.

If you opt for the movie version, each image is hand cropped, color corrected and will play on the screen for about 5 seconds. Each slide smoothly dissolves into the next slide with background music.

Photos should be out of their frames or albums. WE CANNOT TRANSFER COPYRIGHTED PHOTOGRAPHS without a written release from the copyright holder, which can be faxed or emailed to us. Extra charges will apply if your photos are in frames or albums.

Slides should be out of their carousels, rubber banded together in 3” tall piles. An 8¢ per slide charge applies if slides are not taken out of their carousels or trays. Slides should be numbered on the side of the slide that does not have the manufacturer’s logo.


You can have our easy listening music added to your photos now at no extra charge. Alternately, you can provide us with music that you have own. There is an extra labor charge for this service, see pricing chart.

Photo Restoration:

Stop by today with damaged or torn photos to get a quote on Photoshop repair. We can’t repair every image, and the results are not guaranteed to match the original, but our services can help make a time-worn photo presentable again.

Photos Slides Negatives Option 1: .JPG files to USB drive Option 2: Movie Slideshow to USB drive, in addition to .JPG files
1-9 $1.75 ea. + the USB price N/A
10-24 $1.00 ea. + the USB price N/A
25-49 $0.83 ea. + the USB price $1.09 ea. + the USB price
50-99 $0.69 ea. + the USB price $0.89 ea. + the USB price
100-199 $0.59 ea. + the USB price $0.75 ea. + the USB price
200-299 $0.55 ea. + the USB price $0.67 ea. + the USB price
300-499 $0.48 ea. + the USB price $0.61 ea. + the USB price
500-999 $0.42 ea. + the USB price $0.55 ea. + the USB price
Providing your own music: add $6.00 per track for labor
Titles: $3.75 each (Opening title is free)
DVD: $10 per standard definition DVD master
Blue-ray burning: $25 per Blu-ray master